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How to choose the right countertops

Whether you’re doing a full top-to-bottom, or a partial kitchen remodeling, one of the biggest considerations are the countertops.

The right countertops epitomize the time-honored design and architectural phrase, “Form + Function.” Not only is it a design tool, possibly becoming the focal point in any kitchen or bath remodeling, but it is also practical; kitchen countertops are where you prepare and cook food and eat, while the bathroom vanity might be where you apply makeup, style your hair, or shave.

Premier Floor Center is your go-to for any home renovation. We have 18 years’ experience in construction; a full inventory of flooring product; and services, such as flooring and kitchen and bath.

Our showroom is in Dyersburg, TN and we service Dyer County, Obion County, Gibson County, Lauderdale County, Lake County, Crockett County, as well as Pemiscot County, MO.

You’ll see some pretty gorgeous designs on social media or in design magazines, but your search shouldn’t begin and end there.
These are things you should consider:

  • Budget. How much money, overall, do you want to put into your kitchen or bath remodeling? What portion of that will go to countertops? Are you thinking of selling any time in the future? If so, you need to know that kitchens play a big part of buying decisions, so that may change your priorities somewhat.

  • Measure the overall square footage of the room, as well as calculating how much material you’ll need. Ask your contractor for a detailed estimation of the entire renovation project; important, because if you’re planning on other work, something what may seem affordable at first glance may not seem so when you factor in the other costs.

  • How much wear and tear will the countertop experience? While some hardly use their kitchens, others use the room as the center of family activity. While you’re at it, think about maintenance; some materials are more porous than others. Make sure you ask if the material is porous and, if it is, ask about sealing.

  • What’s your style? Color, texture and pattern is a big consideration in all aspects of design. While polished finishes remain the most popular, there are two others on the scene: honed and leather. Honed finishes are mattes with a low sheen and smooth surface; it is especially good for marble, because the lack of shine seems to conceal any scratches or flaws on that surface. Leather has a soft sheen and a different feel-to-the-touch. It retains stone’s natural color and is a little more sophisticated than honed.

When coordinated with a unique and vibrant backsplash, this combination of items can become the focal point of your kitchen.

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