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Things to consider when buying new cabinets

Whether it’s for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling, there are things you should know before shopping for cabinets. Remember, they aren’t just places to store things. They’ll play a major role in your new design so never consider them an afterthought.

Premier Floor Center is your go-to for any home renovation. We have over 18 years’ experience in the construction industry, as well as extensive knowledge of customer service, so we know a lot about how to work alongside contractors. We boast a full flooring inventory, and offer services such as installation, kitchen and bath, which include cabinets and countertops, a mobile showroom and more.

Our showroom is in Dyersburg, TN and we service Dyer County, Obion County, Gibson County, Lauderdale County, Lake County, Crockett County, as well as Pemiscot County, MO.
Things to consider:

  • Budget. Cabinets account for at least 50 percent of any remodeling, whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom. Have a good idea of what you’re planning to spend, and don’t skimp because they are important in any room’s transformation.

  • Quality. This really depends on how long you plan to live in the house; home buyers very often inject their own personal design touches, so the cabinets might be shorter-lived anyway.
    If, however, this is going to be your dream kitchen or bathroom, that’s another story and it might change the priority as to whether you want high or medium quality.

  • Style. Look in design publications and on social media sites like Pinterest to see what you like. Also think about your home’s overall style; how will the cabinets fit in? There are three main types: Stock, which is the least expensive, comes in standard sizes and shapes and also offers fewer options in color and wood style. Semi-custom offers standard sizes and shapes, but also a few more options.
    When it’s custom, the sky’s the limit and you can add any color, shape, or features, including wine racks or pull-out shelves or even light rails for inside-the-cabinet illumination.
    A big question these days is whether the bathroom cabinet should match the same style as others, especially if it’s on the main floor. There is a trend toward matching them because it gives the house a sense of consistency.

A final word on bathrooms: Just because it’s often the smallest room in the house doesn’t mean you should dismiss it as not important. Some people create a furniture look, developing it into a relaxing spa-like sanctuary or a rustic cabin.

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