Flooring transitions are those aluminum or decorative strips between two floorings in adjacent rooms.

They serve an essential safety function. Therefore, consider them carefully when planning for your new floors.

Keeping you from tripping

Using the same floor covering throughout your home would be convenient, but it isn't practical. Only some floor covering works for some rooms.

Different flooring has different heights. A transition strip allows for a smooth installation by accommodating these height issues; otherwise, you could trip on the overhangs.

Here's an example: I have carpeting in my bedroom but thick tile in the bathroom–the rooms are open to each other. Without a transition, I'd go flying!

A highly-visible strip will also give someone a "heads up" about what's to come.

Many kinds of strips

Ask the flooring company staff about the right one for your installation. Different transition strips accommodate different types of flooring.

For instance, there's one for carpet-to-tile, vinyl-to-tile, all hard surfaces, carpet-to-laminate, etc.

Not just aluminum anymore

Transition strips now come in decorative choices, so fire up your creative juices. You can get wooden or even decorative metal ones.

Some come in stones. For my bedroom to bath, I have a marble one with veinings that complement the carpet.

If the two-floor types are the same height

You may still need one. But, again, this would be a question for the flooring store staff.

Floors have seams and expansion gaps, and they can vary from room to room. Therefore, only the professional should answer this question.

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